Russian Shabbat Dinner

I'm part of this awesome local group called RuJew, short for Russian Jewish Columbus. It is what it sounds like--a space for Russian Jewish folks, mostly ages 21-40-ish, to hang out and celebrate our culture. If you're wondering why there needs to be a separate group for Russian Jews--well, there almost never needs to be a separate group for anything, but it's fun--our backgrounds and histories tend to differ a lot from that of American Jews, whose families mostly immigrated to the United States a century or more ago.

United For Our Second Century: Planned Parenthood Centennial

Last night, thanks to the fact that I have friends who work at Planned Parenthood and also that I volunteered to help, I got to attend the otherwise-pricey centennial celebration that Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio hosted in downtown Columbus. During this ridiculously cool event we got to hear from Planned Parenthood volunteers, patients, donors, and its CEO and President, as well as literally Gloria Steinem and also Yvette McGee Brown, the first African American woman to serve on the Supreme Court of Ohio. Holy shit.

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